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By Samantha Dobson, Oct 31 2018 01:36PM

How to make DIY wedding pumpkins

• Purchase 3 pumpkins, 2 of the same size and one slightly smaller.

• Paint with white paint, leave to dry.

• Apply a 2nd coat of paint if necessary

• Paint the tops of the pumpkins with a gold or brown colour

• Measure the size of the area for the lettering

• Practice the lettering within the size area.

• Cut the lettering carefully out

• Lay the lettering on the side of the pumpkin and draw around the outside

• Remove the stencil and straighten up the lettering

• Paint over the letter area with black paint

• Style the pumpkins with a crate, straw, fairy lights & tea lights.


3 pumpkins =£3

3 paints =£3

Tealights, fairy lights =£3

Straw & vegetable crate free

Total cost =£9

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