Windsor, Berkshire


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Vow Renewals


Perhaps you are celebrating a milestone anniversary after 10, 25, 50 years together & wish to renew your vows to each other.


A vow renewal ceremony can take place at any time, be it a special anniversary or to reaffirm your commitment to each other after a partially challenging time or a period of separation.




By writing a new ceremony for each celebration, no two will ever be the same allowing for complete individuality.


I work with you to create a beautiful, and unique ceremony to celebrate the past, present and future of your marriage.



I also include a presentation box of your personalised ceremony and a unique commemorative certificate for you to sign during the ceremony




There are no legalities to this ceremony (exactly like using a Registrar),

so the ceremony can take place at anytime, anywhere.


The only limitations are your imagination!


The fee (£350) will include: one or two meetings with you, writing and planning your ceremony in accordance with your wishes and conducting the ceremony on the day.

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